Current Status (28/04/06)
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Author:  Frah [ Fri Apr 28, 2006 12:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Current Status (28/04/06)

Thank you all for your applications so far, I have not had time to speak to you all ingame however have spoken to a great deal of you.
Currently I (Frumpet) have a few warriors on trial (recruit status)
I do not will to watch more people as recruits at the moment.
As such im locking the warrior joining thread until these recruits either fail or become members.

I will reopen this when new warriors are needed.

If you are still wanting to join there are a few key points:
Get your onyxia & molten core & blackwing lair attunments done
Try to collect some basic fire resist gear
State your playtimes

If anyone wishes to contact me further please /w Frunpet ingame
Thanks once again

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