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Warlock 70 
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Post Warlock 70
Personal + Character Info
Char name - Rees
Char race - Human
IRL age - 25
currant guild - non
previous guilds -
I'll just skip to the TBC guilds I guess. When TBC came out I took around a 7month break from wow for my final year in uni and came back at the end of s2.Then I joined some of my old friends guild who was trying to start from scratch and help the warlock CL position in the guild. We cleared KZ , grull and void in TK but for the lack of ppl and few core ppl transferring the guild was disbanded.
After that I joined the guild Zeus which was on kael and was a core member for like 8 months. But like 2 months ago most officers in the guild decided (IRL friends) to transfer out from the server to join a different guild disbanding the guild. At this point we were clearing BT and I was the warlock tank at Illidan.
After some time as the server is almost dead and also my 2vs2 arena partner went on a real long holiday I decided to transfer out. I was one of the few people left in the server at that time who rolled at the start of the server.
I left to zenedar server to join a raiding guild at MURU. I raided with them for like 2 weeks and even killed twins with them but it was almost a dying guild which I did not knew when I transfered. After like 3 weeks they disbanded the guild.
After few weeks My freind I used to do 2vs2 Zeed have transfered to Frostmaen and told me to come around here. So I applied to essence and got in. I raided with them for like 6 weeks and killed muru and been on KJ tries for like 40% b4 the 3.0 patch. They used 4 locks normally and maybe 5 sometimes (guild leader was a lock also). I was almost always there in raids. But after 3.0 came out they everyone was saying warlocks were shit and 1st day ofthe patch I was in que to join realm for like 30 mins and came was only able to log like 5 min after 20.00. I was hoping I get an invite as I was in vent also chatting inc a lot
of others but they decided to run with only 2 warlocks. After this they kept on raiding with 2 locks, saying on vent warlock DPS is crap than prot warriors. For the 1st 2 weeks I only got in to a BT/MH raid on a thursday on 2nd week and that was it. I wanted to check my spec so was asking if can join Brutules for atleast 1 try when they wiped few times 1st day but still never had even chance to try my build. So after those 2 weeks as they hardly need me and with all the zombi crap I was
2 bored and took a break for about 8-9 days. When I came back was not in a guild.

link to profile - ... ne&n=Reesj
just in case I'm in pvp gear or something I have 6 t6 , chest and legs better. though gear will mean almost nothing in few days.
net connection speed - 10Mb broad band
9th order raid times are 1930-2330 all week. what times are you available? - Yes.
Atm I can raid almost allnight unless working part time which is rare.
how many hours a day do you play and how many days a week usually - I'm free these days so I can play everyday if I like.
do you know anyone in 9th atm (this will be checked) -
Redra- dueling outside "IF" quite a bit. generalomar- did some area for fun.
understand English (typed and spoken)? - I like to belive I have excelent english.
have ability to use vent/TS? - yes.

WoW Classic raid experience (furthest on boss you did) -
I used to raid a lot on vanila wow from this character. Have cleared MC BWL , till Huhuran in AQ40 and also anub+razervious on naxx.
But After hitting lvl 70 I have been to naxx again and cleared the whole place including kelthusad.
tbc raid experience (furthest on boss you did) -
I have killed every single boss in TBC till Killjaden before the 3.0 came and even got loot from muru. And also cleared every other raid instances preior to this b4 3.0 patch .
As I used to Tank Illidan also at BT I have almost all parts of SR gear and if need can get over 400 SR easily.
WotLK raid experiance (Furthest boss you have done) --
/played on this char - 166days and 110 days on lvl 70.
how long have you played wow - For over 4 years i think now.

If we recruit you...
why do you want to join 9th order? -
From what I saw 9th order is a good raiding guild in the server and b4 3.0 was on muru. It seemed to have some dedicated members for raiding and I would loved to have the experience of a good raiding guild again for the WOTLK.
What do you want from being part of 9th order?
A good and friendly guild more than anything. PPL that I can get along with and not raciest ( I'm originally from asia and had my fair share of jokes which went over jokes at times. ) . Also once the raiding starts a solid spot
in the raids considering I perform well.

Your class
Level 70 3.0 spec (please provide a link to the exact build not just some numbers) ... 0000000000
Why have you chosen this spec for 70 3.0 as best?
ATM as not riading i'm just trying out pvp specs. I have only tried out affliction in the only serious Raid I did after 3.0 but was not impressed. So was hoping to go distro.
I try to compare builds from elist jerks when can and try them. Though atm I'm not convinced about any 3.0 builds as hardly had the opportunity to try them out extensively .
Level 80 spec (please provide a link to the exact build not just some numbers) ... 0000000000
Why have you chosen this spec as best for WotLK?
IT is a affliction build which as always in a beginning of a expansion scales really well. Once gear start to scale a bit more might have to look for a better destro build . :shock:
Explain any unorthodox talents you may have chosen

Only do this part if you have switched your main
Old main Char name - Reesj (Azjol Nerub)
Char race - human
Char class -Paladin
/played on it -53 days. He is a lvl 60 from pre TBC.
reason for switching - I was using him for pure pvp when I started playing and got bored with ret pala and rerolled when JAednar realm opened.

Only do this part if you are migrating to join us
What is your currant realm -
Why do you want to leave your currant realm -
Why do you wish to come to Frostmane -

Anything you would like to add?
Ofc I come ato raids prepared but at this lvl its a given I guess:)
I loved to pvp also and normally tended to respec b4 raid. (don't have to from duel spec thing in WOTLK hopefully). I got near 2.3k rating in 2vs2 as druid+lock in s3 which ended up over like 140 points over gladiator cutoff even. ... 614pl8.jpg
In s4 haven't had time to do any proper arena as been moving around but I tried with a druid called shinok and got his 1.8k stuck team till 2.1k b4 3.0 . ... 014id3.jpg

Wed Nov 12, 2008 3:09 am
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