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Bártolomeus - Resto shaman 
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Post Bártolomeus - Resto shaman
Personal + Character Info
Char name - Bártolomeus
Char race - Draenei
IRL age - 17
currant guild - Czarna Kompania
previous guild/s - only CK on this realm.
link to profile - ... 1rtolomeus
net connection speed - 2mb/sec
9th order raid times are 1930-2330 all week. what times are you available? - 19.30-23.30 is no problem since I raided 19.30-24.00 with CK.
how many hours a day do you play and how many days a week usually - I play around 4-5h everyday.
do you know anyone in 9th atm (this will be checked) - No I dont.
understand English (typed and spoken)? - Yes.
have ability to use vent/TS? - yes.

WoW Classic raid experience (furthest on boss you did) - On my first character (my rogue) I raided some zg, mc and Onyxia. Cleared za, onyxia and I killed like 9 bosses in mc. I also did aq20 like 2 times, the 2 first bosses. I wasn't so active in pre tbc since I started to play a month before tbc was released.
tbc raid experience (furthest on boss you did) -
Kara - 11/11
Gruul - 2/2
Mag - 1/1
Zul aman - 6/6
SSC - 3/6
TK - 3/4
Hyjal - 5/5
BT - 9/9

WotLK raid experiance (Furthest boss you have done) - None.
/played on this char - 49 days 19 hours.
how long have you played wow - For about 2 years now.

If we recruit you...
why do you want to join 9th order? - I dont know so much about this guild. Just that you have cleared everything :). I'm kinda new on this realm so I dont know so much about how the guilds are on this realm. Yesterday I got a whisper from "Raidenfury" and he said that "Ninth Order" is recruting 1 resto shaman to the guild and he seems to be a nice guy and hopefully you all are that :) So I wanna try to take that spot since I'm not so happy with CK, because there is like 70% polish ppl in the guild and they often speak Polish in TS and I dont understand that. So I want a fully english speaking guild so I can understand what you talking about :). And I have been recrute for over a month now with very active raiding and still no promote or anything.

What do you want from being part of 9th order?

Your class
Level 70 3.0 spec (please provide a link to the exact build not just some numbers)
Why have you chosen this spec for 70 3.0 as best? ... 1rtolomeus I dont rly know why I specced like this but with my healing experience I thnik this is a good specc for raids.
Level 80 spec (please provide a link to the exact build not just some numbers)
Why have you chosen this spec as best for WotLK? I havn't think about that yet.
Explain any unorthodox talents you may have chosen

Only do this part if you have switched your main
Old main Char name - Murkrow
Char race - Human
Char class - Rogue
/played on it - Around 80 days
reason for switching - Tbc came out and I wanted to try out the new class since I thought rogue was boring.

Only do this part if you are migrating to join us
What is your currant realm -
Why do you want to leave your currant realm -
Why do you wish to come to Frostmane -

Anything you would like to add? Hope this is enough, it would be fun ti progress with you guys in wotlk! //bartolomeus.

Wed Nov 05, 2008 4:45 pm
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Post Re: Bártolomeus - Resto shaman
Thx for you apply,

I will try to contact you in game to have a chat. However being that I am away for 1 day because of training you can always bug Raidenfury. Otherwise i will contact you or if im slow (and sometimes I am) just bug me!


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Wed Nov 05, 2008 4:54 pm
Post Re: Bártolomeus - Resto shaman
no problem, I will be online most of the time :)

Thu Nov 06, 2008 9:24 pm
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Post Re: Bártolomeus - Resto shaman

Mon Nov 10, 2008 6:56 pm
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