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Application - Protection Warrior - Jobz 
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Post Application - Protection Warrior - Jobz
Personal + Character Info

Char name - Jobz
Char race -Human
IRL age -21
currant guild -The Cosa Nostra
previous guild/s -The Cosa Nostra - left due to slow progress, one new boss was being downed a week, plus the amount of amateur players being invited to the guild was beyond a joke
link to profile - ... ane&n=Jobz
net connection speed - 8mb
9th order raid times are 1930-2330 all week. what times are you available? - All evenings, may not be able to make friday and saturday raids
how many hours a day do you play and how many days a week usually : 4 Hours +
do you know anyone in 9th atm (this will be checked) -No one
understand English (typed and spoken)? -Yes, from England
have ability to use vent/TS? - Yes I have both

pre tbc End game experience (furthest on boss you did) - /
tbc End game experience (furthest on boss you have done) -SSC 4/6 , TK 1/4, MH 1/4
/play Time on this char as LV70 - 30 days
how long have you played wow - For about two years now, on and off, have been taking warcraft very seriously these past few months however.

If we recruit you...
why do you want to join 9th order? -9th Orderhave the reputation of a very high skilled and mature guild. I feel the Order take raiding seriously and are continually progressing. I wish to be part of this growth, not just to gain loot, to gain experience and have fun again while playing warcraft.
What do you want from being part of 9th order? I want more than loot, I want to meet and play with dedicated players, players that are mature and reliable. I want to gain end game exeperience and meet friendly people.

Your class
Why have you chosen the spec you have? I feel tanking is one of the most demanding classes, tanks are needed for all raids and I have more fun playing as this spec than any other.
Explain any unorthodox talents you may have chosen - A pretty unorginal Tank Spec - 8/5/48

Anything you would like to add? I feel I am a very mature and reliable player, yes i may not have much end game raiding experience, but I am willing to learn and a very quick study. If this opportunity is given to me I wouldn’t let the 9th Order down. I am committed and dedicated in playing Warcraft and wish to join a guild that feels the same way. I only have one level 70, I do not spend time on other classes, I am dedicated in continuing learning and improving my warrior tank. I also have full 375 Mining and Blacksmithing.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application, I look forward to hearing your response.

Yours Sincerly Mr Jobz

Sun Jul 27, 2008 3:39 pm
Post Re: Application - Protection Warrior - Jobz
Sorry, I didnt realise I was not logged into the forum.

Sun Jul 27, 2008 3:40 pm
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Post Re: Application - Protection Warrior - Jobz
they took our joooooooooooooobz !

Sun Jul 27, 2008 4:49 pm

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Post Re: Application - Protection Warrior - Jobz
hahaha funniest south park ever!

I AM the intelligibility question

Sun Jul 27, 2008 4:56 pm
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