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X-Realm Mage Application, Virtue 
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Post X-Realm Mage Application, Virtue
Char name - Vellox atm, will rename to Virtue if Accepted

Char race - Human Female

IRL age - 21

currant guild - Fear Nothing on Tarren Mill -

previous guild/s - IFA on Frostmane

link to profile - ... l&n=Vellox

net connection speed - 8mb

9th order raid times are 1930-2330 all week. what times are you available? -
Well i usually finish work around 18:00 GMT ( 19:00 IGT ) so i will be online around 19:20 each night.

how many hours a day do you play and how many days a week usually -
Around 6+ hours a day on weekdays and 8+ at the weekend which is when i normaly do most of the farming for consumables. I play everyday of the week.

do you know anyone in 9th atm (this will be checked) - I know Adams from when i 1st made my mage on Frostmane, we leveled up together in a guild called Primo Victoria, same goes for Imago if she still plays. I know Joolz from my time in IFA ( Dunno if hes still playing ) and there may be a few others who i will remember from when i was on Frostmane.

understand English (typed and spoken)? - Yes and yes

have ability to use vent/TS? - Yup also got a working Microphone.

pre tbc End game experience (furthest on boss you did) -
On my mage my pre TBC experience is kinda low, just ZG and AQ20. But on my Undead priest which was my 1st char on Aggramar, i did Full ZA, AQ20, MC, Onyxia and 1st 2 bosses in BWL.

tbc End game experience (furthest on boss you have done) -
With my mage its as follows : Full Kara, Gruul, Mag, SSC, TK, MH, BT and 3/6 SWP

/played on this char -

how long have you played wow - Ive played wow for just over 2 years now.

If we recruit you...
why do you want to join 9th order? - Well ive been thinking about coming back to Frostmane for a while now and because i took a 5 week break from raiding in order to go down south for a months long course with work, my urrent guild recruited another mage to take my spot and now that im back i aint really needed anymore.

What do you want from being part of 9th order? - Would be nice to be able to raid with some old time friends again, also 9th has been around since i 1st made my mage on Frostmane and is still goin strong and not many guilds can manage that. 9th is a highly active raiding guild ( 7 nights a week, dont see that very often ) and i love to raid may it be farm or progress.

Your class
Why have you chosen the spec you have? 3/47/11 - Possibly the most viable and best dmg output build that there is for a mage, some would argue tho that 0/40/21 is better with the cold snap/Icy viens with the loss of which imo is some key talent points like Combustion, Master of Elements, and 3/3 Playing with fire.

Explain any unorthodox talents you may have chosen

Only do this part if you have switched your main
Old main Char name -
Char race -
Char class -
/played on it -
reason for switching -

Only do this part if you are migrating to join us
What is your currant realm - Tarren Mill
Why do you want to leave your currant realm - No SWP guilds that are currently recruiting mages and the lack of 5 man groups and pug Kara, Gruul and maggy raids is depressing.
Why do you wish to come to Frostmane - After leaveing Frostmane last October for Tarren Mill, i'm now wanting to come back to be able to play the game with the people that i 1st got to know with this char.

Anything you would like to add? Only that if accepted i will transfer over in time for the Next reset unless its late Tuesday night when its a yay or nay.

Sat Jul 05, 2008 6:13 pm
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Post Re: X-Realm Mage Application, Virtue
i can vouch for Virtue, pro player, cool guy, get him !

Sat Jul 05, 2008 6:42 pm
Post Re: X-Realm Mage Application, Virtue
i don't know you asshole gtfo

Sat Jul 05, 2008 6:43 pm
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Post Re: X-Realm Mage Application, Virtue

The over-worked servant of the thing upstairs

Sat Jul 05, 2008 7:34 pm
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