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Due to the large number of people who would like to join the guild we have now enforced stricter rules for applications and new members. To find out if you are suitable to join there is certain information that we request from you.

These are as folows:
Char name
Char level (we are 60 only but i ask anyway)
Currant guild
Previous guild/s
Notable recipys
Reason for wanting to join
What you know of us and what we have acheaved
Reason for leaving previous guild/s
Available playtimes
Fire resistance unbuffed
End game experiance
Alts information (class level relm....)
anything else you wish to add that may help your application


If a thread is locked then there has been a descision made on this application.

IF you are successful then the next stage is you would join the guild as a recruit where we will observe you to see if you have what we are looking for. If you are what we are looking for then you will become a proper member. If not then we will have to remove you from the guild.

There is no information about what we are looking for as this means people can fake what we want. This information is kept secret.

Fri Jan 13, 2006 6:45 pm
Post I would really like to join Ninth Order
My character name is Snorrif and he is a level 60 little gnome, I'm in the guild Legio Sanctus but I don't really like it there. I've ben in the guilds The Seraphim and Rejects before I went to Legio Sanctus. My professions are Skinning and Mining and i have 300 Skinning and 150 Mining but I'm working on my Mining skill so i will have 300 really soon. I wanna join Ninth Order because of my friend Ducci is in it and he tells me that it's really nice there with you in Ninth Order. I know you are a really nice guild and you have lot of nice and good players and i know you are doing well in Molten Core. The mainly reason I have left my previous guild are because i don't like them or some other good guilds i have friends in want me to join. I can play from two till twelf. I'm working on getting more fire resistance gear but i only have 30 unbuffed now. I'm attuned to MC and working on my Onyxia attune. I've only ben once in MC and i did just do a little bit of it and I've ben many times in ZG and I've downed four bosses there. As i said earlyer I'm working on getting better equipp but I've only got blue items and 1/8 Darkmantle and 2/8 Shadowcraft. I haven't got any alts I play and I'm on Dragonmaw now but I wanna move to another server because of it's laggy at Dragonmaw and it's really hard to get to any BG's, I'm thinking of moveing to the same server you are moveing to, Frostmourne. It would just be really great if i could get a trial and you could see how much i own :D

Mon May 08, 2006 10:03 pm
Post Evolbyte wanna join
Hello my char name is Evolbyte he is lvl 60 right now i am in guild called The unmatched.My proffessions are alchemy 300 and enchanting 267.But i am going to forget enchanting and learn herbalism...I want to join this guild because some days ago i met a rogue called gnomepower from your guild and i asked him to help and he helped i think youur guild is really helpful and as gnomepower said "WE PWN NUFF SAID".Usually i am playing whole day long but from september i think ill be able to go on raids but not on all.Right now my fire resistance is 45,I am attuned to all instances exept naxx but ill get it really soon.Some words about in-game experience: i have been playing from realise of the game i think...also had but on pirate servers warlock lvl 60,shaman lvl 60 and i had warrior on realm genjuros which i changed for this rogue but i have experience playing for all classes.Gear:in my opinion gear isnt very good but not bad...all blue items.

Fri Aug 11, 2006 7:53 am
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