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Mage oonjen 
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Post Mage oonjen
Personal + Character Info
Char name - oonjen
Char race - Human
IRL age - 21
currant guild - None
previous guild/s - The long forgotten,tandaradei,sanctity
link to profile - ... e&n=Oonjen
net connection speed - 768 kbps
9th order raid times are 1930-2330 sun-Thurs and 1330-1830 on sat and sun. what times are you available? - all times are good to me... maybe ill late a bit on friday cause of my studies but 2000 is max cap...
how many hours a day do you play and how many days a week usually -
im playing every day,and hours depends of: raids,money,need for some mats for ench etc
do you know anyone in 9th atm (this will be checked) - nope
understand English (typed and spoken)? - on the scale 1(low)-5(best) im on 4 :)
have ability to use vent/TS? - yes

Karazhan attunement? - yes
What stage of Mount Hyjal attunement are you? - need both vials
What stage of The Black Temple attunement are you? - after that vials need first boss in MH
Are you Cenarion Expedition exalted? - yes
What heroic keys do you have? - all

pre tbc End game experience (furthest on boss you did) - zul gurub
tbc End game experience (furthest on boss you have done) - karazhan,gruul cleared... lurker/SSC and void reaver/TK
/played on this char - 64 days
how long have you played wow - hmm roughly 8 months

If we recruit you...
why do you want to join 9th order? - mainly reason is to progress in end game raids, secondary to have fun with people in it
What do you want from being part of 9th order? progress in end game raids

Your class
What role/s does your class have in raids? a lot of dps and some team work
What abilities does your class have that can be used to support a raid? Arcane brilliance(intelect), Ritual of refreshment ...
what nifty tricks can your class do in raids that might not be common knowledge?
Why have you chosen the spec you have? i think its the best mage dps talent tree
Explain any unorthodox talents you may have chosen

Only do this part if you have switched your main
Old main Char name -
Char race -
Char class -
/played on it -
reason for switching -

Only do this part if you are migrating to join us
What is your currant relm -
Why do you want to leave your currant relm -
Why do you wish to come to Frostmane -

Anything you would like to add?
1. my daggah... i have about double exalted rep with violet eye and didnt have luck to see that stupid prince dagger drop one single time... gruuls too... but im going every week in kara and will going till i get it...
2. i see u need shaman... i was thinking to level one healer... and if u inv me ill level it pretty fast and ull see my dedication in that time
3. playing some arena these days so maybe ull see frost in armory and some pvp gear and pvp specc but contact me ingame for further checking

Sun Dec 02, 2007 5:34 pm
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afraid your gear isnt up to the level we are looking for atm. we kind of want capped hit and 1k+ damage as a minimum for a mage without gimping HP too much and without cheating with arcane spec :P

going to have to reject your aplication. Good luck and have fun with wow and maybe apply at a later date if you manage to up your gear.

The over-worked servant of the thing upstairs

Mon Dec 03, 2007 6:43 am
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