Rogue Application :)
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Author:  Zaipher [ Sun Jul 08, 2007 11:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Rogue Application :)

Personal + Character Info
Char name - Zaipher
Char race - Night Elf
IRL age - 17
currant guild - vivaladiva
previous guild/s - Dura Necessitas, Destruction at the "60" time.
link to profile - http://armory.wow-europe.com/character- ... &n=Zaipher
net connection speed - 24Mbit/s Telia (swe)
9th order raid times are 1930-2330 sun-Thurs and 1330-1830 on sat and sun. what times are you available? - from 16.00 at weeks and always on weekends.
how many hours a day do you play and how many days a week usualy - mainly i'll play 8+ hrs a day, every day of the week.
do you know anyone in 9th atm (this will be checked) - nope i don't.
understand English (typed and spoken)? - Yes
have ability to use vent/TS? - Yes

What stage of Karazhan attunement are you? - Fully attuned
Are you Cenarion Expidition exalted? - Nope - Reverd.
What heroic keys do you have? - All of them

pre tbc End game experience (furthest on boss you did) - Twins aq40, tried naxx a couple of times thou.
tbc End game experience (furthest on boss you have done) - know tacc's for all kara bosses, but haven't done Netherspite,Nightbane or Illhoof, because of my latest guild.
/played on this char - 78 days
how long have you played wow - Since the first US beta.

If we recruit you...
why do you want to join 9th order? - You seem to be a nice bunch of people and i think you want the same as me - friends, lots of fun and progress :)
What do you want from being part of 9th order? Because i wanna progress, make new friends and have a good time, as mentioned. :)

Your class
What role/s does your class have in raids? hm, thats going to be a short word, DPS
What abilities does your class have that can be used to support a raid? Same here.. :P Dps!
what nifty tricks can your class do in raids that might not be common knowledge?
Why have you chosen the spec you have? Because i like the "common combat sword spec" :)
Explain any unorthodox talents you may have chosen Well it might be the ones made in "assasination" therye just great for energy regain and +combo's in raids :)

Only do this part if you have switched your main
Old main Char name -
Char race -
Char class -
/played on it -
reason for switching -

Only do this part if you are migrating to join us
What is your currant relm -
Why do you want to leave yur currant relm -
Why do you wish to come to Frostmane -

Anything you would like to add? Well i hope you enjoyed my application and sertainly i hope for the best :) // Best regards Zaipher.

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