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Arcanez 60 mage 
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Post Arcanez 60 mage
Name: Arcanez
Class: Mage
Race: Gnome (ofc )
Talent built: fill in what is best for the guild (my current built is balanced fire / frost)

Hey all, my real life name is Nils and i live in the Netherlands. Although i am 17 i am mature for my age and dont got parents nagging at my head at 11 that its time to go to sleep.
I left my formor guild, Addiction, a few weeks ago afther 8 months of raiding with them in MC. I left because the guild didnt had the same motivation to get further into the game and remained mostly focused at MC. Well afther 8 months i kinda saw everything there was in that dungeon so i left in good terms. I dont have trouble with any of my formor guildmembers and still do alot of grinding/ Quetsing with them. Atm i am in a guild with some friends to help them out. Its a new started guild and they needed some experanced players so thats why i valounteerd. That kinda proves my loalty to a guild and friends so dont except me to leave 3 weeks afther i joined or something. Well that was some information about me now lets get to the game wich this is all about.

ALOT! I play almost every day and kinda addicted (thats why the guild addiction suited me for so long ) I can raid every day from 9 in the morning to 1 in the morning,

My gear is mostly epic:
I got some other trinkets that come in handy in pvp and pve.

My FR gear gives 150 FR unbuffed but i can still get the enchants on head and leg if more is needed but with 150 i never had any problems :)
My NR gear is around 140 atm and working on getting more.

I got 300 tailor 300 enchanting and got alot of recipes.
-15NR on cloak
-15FR on cloak
-24 healing on bracers
-4 mana / 5 sec on bracers
-9 stamina on bracers
-2 paterns for cloth wich give nice stats and +20 and +30 NR (sylvan set)
-bloodvine boots
-cenerian herb bag
-enchanted runecloth bag
-flarcore wraps
-mooncloth bags
-and alot more
I am also training a warrior alt atm wich is lvl 53 and has alchemy at 285 so i will be able to make potions aswell. NR / FR pots that kind of stuff

Game experiance:
Well i have made alot of alts so know almost every quests there is in the game. When it comes to end game i have cleared ZG / MC / onyxia / BWL first few bosses (i know tactics on all others aswell) / AQ20 first 4 bosses. / and some outdoor dragons. I am not yet Naxx attuned but if you can give me some sort of insurens about joining and it is needed that will be my main goal and will be done in 1 or 2 days.

I know some people in your guild from back in the days when they where in Addiction. Aslo i have met alot of you in pvp and you seem like a nice friendly but still focused kind of guild, exactly what i am looking for.

What do you want to gain from joining and what do you have to offer:
I hope to gain first of all alot of fun with all of you. I want to see some more endgaming in BWL / AQ40 / naxx. I know you guys from Dragonmaw and see you guys grow and grow and get better and better and i really think you got the same opinion about the game as i do.
I have to offer alot of experiance , i listen always (prepared to get on teamspeak or some other comunication programm). I am always focused and in for yokes. I am online alot so i can join almost every raid every day but will not start whining if other people who have been in the guild longer so deserve to be in the raid get invited before me.

I like pvp alot aswell. Teamed up with strafbomber back in the days and got from rank 5 to rank 10,9 in 1 months orso and had some fun. But then i went on vacation and dropped in rank alot. When i came back Strafbomber was already rank 14 and all the good teammembers where rank 14 or 13 and quitted so i kinda gave up on pvp to focus totaly on pve. (got all pvp factions reverded to almost exalted)

Well hope to hear from you soon and really hope you will give me chance to prove that i am right for your guild

Tue Jul 11, 2006 11:49 am
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